Voices of the Earth

Awaken your psychic powers, talk to nature, and hear her reply. Nature intuitive Clea Danaan gives lessons in building psychic awareness and communicating with plants, trees, and nature spirits. This rewarding connection with nature offers healing, renewal, knowledge of your life purpose, and a spiritual oasis in a chaotic world.

Each chapter features meditations, journal exercises, and hands-on projects to help you strengthen your ties to the earth and deepen your spiritual practice. From gardening to herb work to water conservation, this book explores many ways to apply and incorporate nature's wisdom into daily life. Danaan's personal anecdotes also illuminate how green spirituality can be translated into a fulfilling, holistic lifestyle that supports the earth and your spirit.

"[T]he author's gentle optimism about human relationship to the Earth and earnest care for the planet in all its particularity is a welcome contribution to environmental advocacy." - Library Journal

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Voices of the Earth: The Path of Green Spirituality