The Way of the Hen

"A different kind of chicken book." -- Kim from New Zealand

 Susan Orlean once wrote raising chickens was a “do-it-yourself hobby at a moment when doing things yourself was newly appreciated as a declaration of self-sufficiency, a celebration of hand-work, a push-back from a numbing and disconnected big-box life.” Many of us long for a renewed connection with the earth and greater control over our food. One might even say we long for a more Zen existence. Chickens, in their simple scratches and pecks, call us back to our true nature.

The Way of the Hen explores the entertaining, rewarding, and—yes—enlightening art of raising chickens in an urban or suburban backyard. It examines why keeping chickens has become so popular as it addresses environmental issues, the locovore movement, and a shift in the way we want to live. How to fit hen-keeping into a busy lifestyle? Find out in The Way of the Hen.

 "Dippy and delightful" - Janet Mawdesley 

 The US version, The Way of the Hen, is available from your favorite bookseller and online. The UK version, Zen and the Art of Raising Chickens, is available at now. 

The Way of the Hen: Zen and the Art of Raising Chickens

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