Monday, December 1, 2014

Going Slow, Going Within: Family Advent that Honors the Earth

Perhaps it's because my own life has been a roller coaster lately, or because it seems like the whole world is on the brink of utter insanity, but I've really dedicated myself to a calm and peaceful December this year. For me that means fewer gifts, local shopping, and doing crafts and baking when and if I want to. In the Christian faith, Advent (the days leading up to Christmas) is about waiting, pregnant, hopeful, but also with a little trepidation. Remembering to breathe. Honoring the light of those waiting with and for us. Lighting candles in the darkness. In the Pagan tradition, this time is about telling stories, watching the light wane further, and awaiting the return of the Light that we know will soon come. May this time of the year be about inner peace, wisdom, and connection with Spirit for you and your family.

Yule Advent Links

Here's a nice list of gift ideas that honor the earth and the artisans who craft them, at In the House of Mama Stacey.

Painted snowflakes and a simpler holiday
season from The Artful Parent (I love this blog).

A gorgeous Yule coloring book for sale from LillianaPress. 

And for more Pagan ideas, Yule 2013 Pooka Pages. To be notified when the 2014 issue is out, see their Home Page or check out Pooka Pages on Facebook.

From a wise woman tradition on the Inner Christmas, some thoughts for meditation and journaling.