Sunday, November 10, 2013

Passion and Power

I'm following my own devotional, Living Earth Devotional: 365 Green Practices for Sacred Connection, and have stopped by to share some thoughts. I'd love to hear yours as well.
"Balance" by Courtney Putnam,

Nov 8, The Cave: The darkness brought me to my Dan Tien, the place of power just below the navel. It
reminded me as I go through these shifts and awakenings at this time to always return to this center so that I do not burn out again.

Nov 9, Dreams: I realized recently that a recurring dream of mine where I am trying to save people from an erupting volcano isn't just from memories of Mt St Helens, nor is it just about my martyr complex. I realized the volcano is me, too. I am trying to "save" people from my own passion. I am distraught that I cannot. Passion was too overwhelming to my family. I've been trying to dampen it forever.

Another recurring dream of mine is being in a house - the house changes in every dream - and I discover new rooms, furniture left behind that is perfect for me, floors beneath floors, and so on. In a recent version, the new room we discovered was actually a huge greenhouse, and I was thrilled. I assume this dream is about my discovering new parts of myself, but I haven't really uncovered it's full meaning yet. But looking at my volcano dream, I am trying to uncover hidden parts of myself, trying to share them with the world. Hmm.

"Key to Happiness" by Courtney Putnam,

Nov 10, Birds: A bird landed in our neighbor's tree the other day, and I couldn't tell what kind of bird it was. The size of a crow, but shaped differently, and hidden behind a branch. Also, the bird feeder I put out has not been discovered yet, though it's been out for two weeks. Something is about to reveal itself to me. Something is still hidden.

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