Thursday, October 31, 2013

October 31: Samhain

I'm challenging myself to follow my own devotional, Living Earth Devotional: 365 Green Practices for Sacred Connection. I will post most days - can't promise all! - here in my blog. We begin today on October 31.

In sitting with a bone and a shell I'd gathered, as well as the many fall leaves I have on my altar, I was struck by how what is left in death, at least at first, is structure. Bones and shells and the lacework of leaves. Saturn energy. What falls away is the soft parts, the mushy insides. These give way to the earth, eaten by others, transformed again and again, serving life.

I'm wondering in what ways I need to trust the strength of structure, and let the soft parts of me flow where they will. Trust the natural transformations of soft tissue and inner substance. I'm seeing how the bigger picture, life beyond me, beyond this moment, can be a structure of sorts for where I am now. Rather than stressing about each little detail of the moment, I can trust the larger structure and let the soft immediate part unfold. That stressing about the details is what I need to let go of. I can do that by trusting Spirit, that holding feeling I sense when I feel into the space beyond Life.

Blessed be.

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