Sunday, July 21, 2013

Life is the Soul's Gestation

By Clea Danaan

As I meditated on the idea of being in the womb, surrounded by love, acceptance, and welcome, an image occurred to me of being in the womb of the Goddess. An idea became clear to me: Life is the soul's gestation. On earth we are wrapped in the Goddess' womb, and at death we are born into our soul's bigger life, the soul self that has it's own special place in the universe. Life is about developing the tools we as a soul need to... what? do what souls do. As much as a fetus in his mother's womb cannot conceptualize of his place earthside, we can only dream and wonder and get little clues about what life beyond life might be. And because God is generous and loving, we get multiple chances, sort of like if you needed more time in the womb and could go back in to cook for a while. It's sort of what we're searching for with stem cell research, it seems. But within this life, this gestation, we only get one chance at that time inside. Physical gestation is a time between the worlds. A transition space to grow our earth vessel. Then we are born to this life within the Goddess' womb, preparing best we can to be born into the Goddess/God's greater Life.

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