Sunday, May 12, 2013

We are all bees in the Hive

A hive cannot exist without its bees, nor can a single bee exist for long without the hive. The hive's task: transformation of sweetness and light into nourishment and deeper sweetness. Every bee has a job, which changes as she grows older. She helps raise the young, feed the queen, guard the hive, and gather nectar and pollen. When she has flown her wings to nothing, she dies peacefully and her sisters remove her from the hive, where she becomes one with the land that nourished her. Male bees have the very important job of carrying on the genetic code so that hives can be strong and plants can be fertilized and grow fruitful. The queen's job is to lay eggs, ensuring the future of the hive.

I got this idea lifetimes ago that I needed to be bigger than I am, more powerful, caring for others that nothing bad could ever happen. But my insight today was this: I am not a hive, I am a bee. I have my job, and it is crucial to the great Hive, but I am not a Hive and I need not do the job of a hive. It is not my job to save anyone when it wasn't their time to be pulled from the water. Or in the metaphor of bees, it is not my job to make all the honey by myself. Only to provide the piece of the puzzle I am called to right now, and to sing my song of connection and creation.

We know our tasks by following the light, the nectar of life, and the hum of our Hive. That hum come from individual bees and from the whole collective. At this point I am called to be still, to listen, and to let my task be revealed.

May your place in the light be made clear, my friend. Blessed Bee!


Rain-in-the-Face said...

Perimenopause can bring turbo-charged panic attacks.

This is a link for a lovely person who helped me 20 years ago.

Winterswan said...

So true! I'm trying to find my own place in the hive today. It's not always easy.