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Discussion Questions for Clea Danaan's Sacred Land

"In this positive and practical handbook, Danaan shows how organic gardening can germinate environmental awareness and political change while feeding your spirit. You'll learn how to plan and plant your garden, create compost, save seeds, conserve and transmute water, connect with garden goddesses, and incorporate planetary energy in your garden." - From

Thinking of studying Sacred Land in a group? Or delving more deeply into your own intuitive organic gardening practices? Here are a few study and discussion questions to help you get started.

Discussion Questions for Sacred Land


  1. What messages, sensations, and images do you receive when you "tune in" to the soil? Is doing a practice like this strange to you? What fears or concerns do you have about "talking" to dirt? 
  2. What shifts for you when you consider a garden a co-creation with nature? What ideas germinate when you enter into such a relationship with the land?
  3. Many people first notice nature spirits or the energy of the land through trees. What sacred experiences with trees have you had?
  4. What can you do to increase the local and organic food you eat? As a group or a family, take it on as a project. If you already eat mostly organic and local, how can you help others do the same?


  1. Discuss your intentions for your home, garden, and community. How can you call on the power of air to bring these ideas into the world?
  2. Do you fear insects? Why? Take some time to get to know them better. What teachings have bees, dragonflies, and even mosquitoes taught you?
  3. What birds show up in your life regularly? Have they a message?


  1. Everything we see, eat, touch, and hear exists because of the sun. What happens when you meditate on this idea for a few moments?
  2. The fire goddess Chantico teaches us about pleasure and pain. When have you felt this keen edge? What has it taught you about life?
  3. What does it mean to you to reclaim your passion? How can you begin to do this?



  1. We are emotional beings of water. As you read this chapter, what do you notice about your awareness of and relationship with water in your daily life?
  2. If you are working with a group, practice transmutation (p 208).
  3. What is your work as a sacred sister?

You will find more discussion questions at the end of Sacred Land, on page 229. 

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