Sunday, September 23, 2012

Writing Allies

I just finished a manuscript. I looked out the window of the office and stared at the tree, a locust, that steadfastly sat outside my window while I wrote. I considered how the energy of that tree will be in this book. And then I thought how each book I've written has had something of a mascot or a muse. Magical Bride, my first book, was guided by the house we lived in, and my fiance (now husband). Sacred Land I wrote around my baby girl's naps. She's seven now, but her baby self is so very a part of that book. Voices of the Earth I wrote when our office was in another room, and the box elders outside that window guided that book. I would look outside and connect with them for inspiration. The Way of Hen had a whole flock of muses - Sylvie, Millie, MuShu, Daisy, Maisy and Gertrude. And this last one, which I'm not going to name yet because it has yet to go through Publishing Rigors, that was guided by the old locust.

Thanks and Blessings to all my muses. Your energy infuses each book.

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