Sunday, August 5, 2012

Gardening: The Gateway Passtime

As I poached gathered-this-morning eggs, I thought, Wow... we raise chickens, garden, homeschool, and now we have solar panels on the roof. We've truly become one of THOSE families. I had to laugh.

So a warning before you tuck a zucchini seed into the ground for the very first time: gardening will take over your life. Soon you'll be stealing your neighbor's bags of grass clippings and raked leaves. You'll be carefully tucking away cat hair and dryer lint, all in the name of healthy humus. You might have a bin of worms hidden under the kitchen table. Your kitchen window will boast drying peach pits and pumpkin seeds.

And then... you'll think, I need manure. And wouldn't fresh eggs be great? They're so pricey at the store. So you get some chicks. Who grow up to be chickens. Who poop manure.

You've become accustomed to saving all your kale stems (for compost and chicken feed), bean-cooking water (to pour on plants), the entire neighborhood's fallen branches (for shredding into mulch), and yogurt cups (for seed starting in the spring), and you think - look at all that RESOURCE pouring down on my head that I'm not using! What a waste! So you get solar panels and a rain barrel, harvesting and directing free gifts from above.

And then, well, you're home with your garden and hens and practically free electricity, and you think, why send kids away to school where they have to eat reheated frozen food and read about growing seeds in little easy readers? So you take the plunge and keep them home. You've become a homeschooling family. Munching on carrots fresh from the garden and carting around a plucky black-and-white hen.

Maybe next it's time to ditch the car.  

Now you've seriously become one of THOSE families.

All because you pressed one little seed into dirt and watered it.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

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