Sunday, October 9, 2011

Learning to Trust Your Intuition

This past weekend I taught a class, the Natural Intuitive, to a group of lovely people in Pueblo, Colorado. What a neat little gem of a town! And a fabulous library that rivals any in Denver.

Anyway, the theme that emerged in the class was learning to trust yourself. Every single person who came to the class shared a powerful intuitive moment, whether they communicated intuitively with bears, the desert, their house plants, or their nursing patients. And every single person expressed a belief that their abilities were nothing special, that they would like to develop their psychic senses further and that they have no idea how to proceed. They doubted and down played their experiences.

I understand that feeling. Several years ago, when I was first exploring my intuitive abilities with both people and plants, I so doubted myself. I couldn't believe that I was actually getting accurate psychic information on my massage clients. Often what I reported made no sense to them. But every once in a while, a person would say, "Do you know me? How can you know that?" And bit by bit, I'd learn what an accurate reading felt like.

It's harder to get affirmation when reading plants or rivers or other non-human beings. But again, over time, I saw what my garden plants respond to. I observed plant behavior and was able to affirm my intuitive senses. Sometimes you can even research and therefore affirm or deny the information you get when tuning in to nature. Say, as happened in our class this past weekend, that you sense bedrock underneath you when tapping into the earth - the presence of bedrock can be confirmed by looking at geological maps. Over time you will get to know what an accurate reading feels like.

It takes time, and learning to trust. It takes accepting intuitive listening as real.

The best way I know to do that is to tune into your body. It's the same thing as knowing when someone is lying to you. You can feel it in your gut. When we don't pay attention to those messages, they burrow into our unconscious, where they continue to try to get our attention. Messages that are continually ignored can turn into illness. All of us can learn to listen to our bodies better, to heed and understand and trust our subconscious, intuitive messages.

Trust. Listen. Share with trusted people who get it. Your listening abilities will grow.

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