Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Interview with Clea Danaan on Zen Chickens

My interview by Katya Quigley on raising urban chickens:


keith and diane said...

lovely, Clea. I hope your book is available soon in the US. We're in the back country where we have horseback riders almost as often as cars going by. We plan to get chickens ourselves this spring and I'm hoping your book will give us some insight into their care. Can't wait for that "calm."

mama p said...

Very nice interview!

Clea said...

Diane, the American version will be released in the US in August. I did see that Amazon has a few shipped from NY, so much lower shipping and a good used price, but it is the Anglicized version. Depends on which one you want. :-)

Thanks, P! I think it demonstrates why I am an author and not a radio personality, but it basically works.