Monday, March 21, 2011

Prayer and Intention for Japan

 I read that Denver Botanic Gardens has created a wish tree for prayer, wishes, and reflection for the Japanese struggling with the massive earthquake, tsunami, and other related disasters. At first I thought - wow, they need so much more than prayers! They need food, financial resources, blankets.... everything! I caught myself. Of course they need those things. But caught up as I was in the here and now, I forgot for a moment the power of intention and prayer. We exists within and of the quantum sea. We are all connected. Thoughts have power. Heart fields have immense power. One way to tap into this power is to sit in nature - wilderness, a garden, a city park - and breathe. Ground yourself. Focus on Japan. Vibrate with love, healing, and wholeness. It will raise the vibrations in Japan and throughout the quantum sea.

When you send financial support (through a verified source like the Red Cross or Save the Children) send your intentions through the energy of money as well. Money and intention are both essentially energy. Energy - vibrations - bring other energies into attunement with themselves. Your intentions do make a positive difference.

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