Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Wheel of the Year via Little Bear

I love the warm and wholesome children's series Little Bear, as do both of my children. One thing I enjoy about it is that they celebrate the Wheel of the Year, though they don't call it that. These episodes honor a few of the seasonal holidays:

Little Bear's Sweet Tooth  - It's the Harvest Day Picnic and everyone is enjoying the races and games- except for Little Bear. He's having fun sneaking off and satisfying his sweet tooth at the desert table, until his sweet tooth causes a sore tummy. (Lammas or Mabon)

Moonlight Serenade  - Little Bear dances under a Harvest Moon with a scarecrow, a family of pumpkins and a set of garden tools. When Little Bear and scarecrow get launched to the moon, he wakes up and discovers that it was only a dream...or was it? (Samhain)

Goblin Night - It's Goblin Night and Little Bear and his friends are dressed up in their scariest costumes. On their way to the big bonfire they practice scaring each other...and do a very good job! (Samhain)

Winter Solstice - Little Bear learns holiday traditions by celebrating the winter solstice with his family. (Yule)

The Blueberry Festival  - Little Bear and friends put on a play to celebrate the annual blueberry harvest. (Midsummer)

Because the friends spend a lot of time outdoors, the seasons and weather play an integral role in the show.  There are many snow episodes and several fall and summer stories as well. It's an earthy cartoon that we all enjoy! You can watch some episodes on or you can buy episodes or seasons to watch on Netflix also has several dvd's of the show.

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