Saturday, October 16, 2010

Who Will Pay for Environmental Clean-Up?

I'm reeling a little thinking about environmental ethics.

There is a company, Abtech Industries, that has created a Smart Sponge that cleans up oil and bacteria into a stable state that can then be recycled or burned to create electricity. How cool is that?!

The technology is NOT being used to clean up the gulf oil spill or pollution in Puget Sound (where the orcas are the most toxic marine mammals on earth) or anywhere but the test sites (as far as I know) in California, Connecticut, and North Carolina. See the pdf with more info here.

Why not, you ask? Because no one can figure out how to pay for it - or WHO should pay for it. Alabama ABC news said, "BP hasn't placed any orders." See the videos (which are several months old) here under Abtech Videos. I don't know if further talks in order, but it brings up a huge question for me.

If we humans possess the technologies to fix our environmental crisis, solutions like the Smart Sponge, solar panels and hydrogen cars, but we won't implement them because we're looking at the bottom line, at money, then where does that leave us? Pretty screwed, I think.

Obviously it takes money to manufacture sponges and cars and solar panels, and money to implement them. But it takes money to fight wars, too. It takes money to do anything. So why are we not spending it on healing and cleaning up pollution and preventing our children's cancers and saving wildlife?

Who will pay for it all? And what is stopping them?

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