Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Green Spirituality Library

If I were to create a library of books on green spirituality, here is what I would include:


(By the way, I don't make any money from the sales of other author's books here, it's just easy to use the link widget from Amazon.)


The Way of Hen: Zen and the Art of Raising Chickens by Clea Danaan

The companion to Zen and the Art of Raising Chickens,
Meditation and the Art of Beekeeping by Mark Magill,
also available on Amazon.co.uk

Also check out this list, publications from GreenSpirit.

What else would you include? I'll add to this as I think of and discover other books on green spirituality.

Blessed be and Namaste!


Michael and Cecelia said...

Hi Clea,
I am not really commenting directly on this blog, but simply have a strong need to connect. I have recently moved to Denver with my daughter, leaving my son and husband in other towns for a few months. I am a nature intuitive - a new term for me, but fits perfectly - and recently discovered your books and blogs. I am thrilled about what you have to say, as it's been fairly rare for me to read or talk to anyone who so nearly voices my own beliefs. I would love to correspond with you every now and again.
I had chickens for several years, and loved them so much. I have no place for any now, but hope to again soon. I am a pagan homeschooling mom, though my kids are much older than yours, my youngest being 14.
I am ordering one of your books today, and hopefully will find you receptive when I've read it if I want to contact you and chat.
I'm glad you're out there . . .
Cecelia BrownFoote

Clea Danaan said...

Hello Cecelia,

I'm glad you've found me too! Please feel free to email me at clea at intuitivegardening dot net. Sounds like we have much in common!

Blessed be,