Monday, June 14, 2010

The Energy of the Gulf Oil Spill

As massive amounts of oil glug into the Gulf of Mexico, poisoning the water, beaches, and wildlife refuges, we all float on a sea of questions: Can it be fixed? What is going to happen? How can we help? At my house we don't have a television, so I'm having to search for my news about the spill. I'm caught between wanting to put my head in the sand and know as little as possible, and wanting to devote several hours teasing out "the truth." What I have heard tells me that BP and Halliburton are pretty much at fault and are pretending nothing has happened, and that nobody really knows what to do. I have also heard speculation that when this 100 million barrels of oil gets picked up by the Gulf Stream, life as we know it along the US eastern seaboard and western Europe will be irrevocably altered. In some very awful ways. And then there is the hurricane season approaching us, wherein sea water from the gulf is picked up, churned, and dumped inland. Scary.

I try very hard to be an optimist, at least in my musings (I'm a total cynic in many ways, and maybe that's why I write inspirational spiritual stuff - it is said that we write what we most need to read). So I want very much not to get sucked into the End Time discussion of the oil spill. Or the island of garbage in the sea, overwhelming oil issues in Nigeria, civil war in east Africa, etc etc. The only thing I know to do, given that I am not a scientist or a lawmaker or a billionaire, is to try to understand on an energetic level what is going on. It helps me to have an idea of the bigger picture. Then I can choose to ride my bike, send money to a cause, or take other "small" actions and know how they fit into the big picture. I can't read enough articles to really know the big picture in manifest reality, but I can get a feel for the big energetic picture.

So here it is, at least as I sense it. When I feel into the Gulf of Mexico, I get a choked feeling, a poisonous, hot, thick feeling. Like I can't breathe. I see the constant motion of the water, of the oceans all connected, wrapping the planet. I see the life forms in the sea that live near volcanic vents that live in conditions totally poisonous to us, and I know that we may cause mass extinctions but that life will go on.

But also I see an opportunity. I feel that the energy of the oil spill, like many other disasters, is an invitation for us to work together and rise to the cause. To use together the technologies we have developed to stop the spill, to change our lives, to heal. I see an image like a large group of people and animals and non-corporeal energies gathered together, working as one, raising all to a higher level of consciousness and interrelatedness. To do this, we must be positive. We must think integrally, stepping outside of old boundaries. We have to let go of attachment to the bottom line and to usual ways of being. We can do this. We must.

So what can you and I do? Here are some concrete ideas on National Wildlife Federation's website. And the International Bird Rescue Research Center. Here are some more organizations to check out, too.

You can pray. Do ritual sending Reiki or other healing energy to the planet and the ocean and the beaches. Hold circles to raise the energy on the planet. Learn to transmute poisons by reading Sandra Ingerman's Medicine for the Earth.

You can do your part to shift the global paradigm by living as green as you can. Garden. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Ride your bike or walk. Help others to do the same - not by preaching, but just by supporting and teaching. Every bit matters.

The Earth is hemorrhaging oil. We need a tourniquet and some very big bandages. We need to stop stabbing her. We need to help her heal.


mama p said...

Very nice post... and very nice update to your blog :) I have been staring at my copy of Sandra's book for more than a couple of days now. It's time to apply it...

Jodi Williams-Rogers said...

Really great post. Its is indeed a very sad and worrying situation. I find it difficult to comprehend how it is taking this long to implement solutions, or why assistance from other countries has been turned down. Despite this, there is however merit in the fact a crisis like the Gulf Oil spill forces us as the societies or nations of the world to re-examine our values, the way in which we live our lives and how we interact with the earth. My only hope is that this kind of chaos will push us towards greater consciousness and to seek out ways of living in ecological harmony.In the meantime, sending healing energy to the oceans and the Gulf seems like the best thing to do until further information on what more can be done is made available.