Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Fever

I've been feeling a little crazy. That restless feeling behind my sternum that feels like a scream or a laugh or running around outside. Full on spring fever.

It has me wondering about the energies of spring. Several four- and five-year-olds I know have been demonstrating anxiety behaviors lately, and it seems to be a cyclical thing that hits this time of year. I discussed this phenomenon with my husband, a therapist, and he commented on how he could feel the quickening of spring. Underneath the frozen land stirs the lightness of spring. Could this be what is causing our children's restlessness and my own feeling of craziness?

I tried doing a simple search on spring fever and spring anxiety behaviors on EBSCO but came up with nothing. If any of you research types have a moment I'd be curious to know if there have been any studies on spring and mental health, akin to the full moon studies.

Certainly we humans are as tied to the land as the any creature on earth, we just don't notice it as consciously. This connection is part of the reason I celebrate the Pagan Sabbats, which honor the turning of the Wheel of the Year and our place in its unfolding. I feel more aware of my part in the seasons when I honor them not just as a gardener and homeschooling parent but also on a spiritual level. Obviously these aspects of myself are all linked.

How are you responding to spring (if, that is, you live in the northern hemisphere)? What projects are you starting? What is blossoming? Sprouting? What quickening do you feel?

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