Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Review: The Garden Game

A friend of mine picked up a game for me she thought I might enjoy called The Garden Game by Ampersand Press. I love it! My four-year-old and I played it this afternoon, and while the reading-heavy game isn't really meant for the preschool set, we both enjoyed it. I appreciated the educational piece, which teaches about gardens from microbes on up. She like collecting flowers, vegetables, and pollinators for her garden.

Writes the publisher, "The joyful and inspiring board game about gardening for food and fun. Players feed the soil, plant seeds, nurture the plants, have harvest festivals, and help each other through natural disasters! Plant the largest garden and save the most seeds and you are the winner."

This game could easily be adapted to a cooperative game, building a collection of gardens together, focusing on trading garden cards, or making one large garden together. Older children and adults will enjoy learning about the ecology of gardening while younger children can appreciate simpler concepts like pollinators, compost, and the seasons.

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