Saturday, December 26, 2009

Nature Spirit in Artist's Photograph

A fantastic artist named Rosemary Ranck contacted me for information about nature spirits as she had just captured one in a photograph. She wrote, "I was lucky to have a sweet, cute elf like image appear in a photo I shot while photographing changing leaves a month or so ago." And later said she "never saw 'her' [the spirit] until it was uploaded."

Here is the original photo untouched:

Again, Rosemary did not see the little face until she uploaded the photo to her computer.

Here is the photo lightened and sharpened some:

You can't really tell the size of the little face, but you can clearly see her curiosity with the camera and/or Rosemary.

Rosemary wondered why the little elf revealed herself to her. In looking at Rosemary's paintings, it's clear to me that Rosemary's intuitive abilities tend towards the visual. She felt attuned with the place and the beauty of the changing leaves, and her friend came to say hello. Now Rosemary is hiding little nature spirits in her paintings.

Here is some of Rosemary's work. You can see her heart and soul in her paintings.

Thank you Rosemary for sharing your story with us!


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