Monday, November 30, 2009

Indoor Farmer's Market by Denver Urban Homesteaders

My family and I went to check out the new indoor farmer's market hosted by Denver Urban Homesteaders. I love farmer's markets, but I tend to be whiny about those here in Denver from June through October because they aren't strictly farmer's markets. One can purchase bananas, Juice Plus, and Tuperware at them. I turn up my locovore nose. But this new indoor market was a true farmer's market, offering local goat milk, cow shares, local eggs, one veggie stand with lovely squashes and other winter veggies, and even local mead. Great photos of chickens lines the walls. There were also very cool chicken coops for sale. (Later someone said to me, "Aren't you guys in the market for one of those?" I replied, "No, we built ours. Out of scrap wood. While I was pregnant. I'm such a homesteader!" Hee, hee.)

If you live in or near Denver or happen to stop by on a Saturday, come check out the market. It's at 200 Santa Fe Drive every Saturday from 9-2.

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