Saturday, November 21, 2009

2012 - Rebirth and Renewal

I've enjoyed receiving information from on the lunar, Mayan-based calender, and now they are offering useful, positive information on the Mayan Prophecy of 2012. The website is "A website in service to the Art, Science, & Spirituality of Natural Time and the emergence of a Global Culture of Peace." I discovered them after reading The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology by Jose Arguelles.

About 2012, Eden Sky writes:

"[T]he Maya in Guatemala ... want the world to know the completion of their calendar cycle DOES NOT POINT TO THE END OF THE WORLD, and they wish for people to NOT BE AFRAID. ...The essence of the 2012 prophecy is not about doom and gloom, it is about transformation, renewal and re-birth. It is about us waking up to our true human potential; it is about us coming into our power as planetary citizens, conscious of our interdependence, working together in respect for all of life. It is about us changing paradigms so that our global culture can find a way to live in Harmony, with ourselves, each other and all of Nature. It is about us living from our Hearts. It is a calling for us to expand our perceptions, sense of reality, and context we place ourselves in and awaken to ourselves as galactic beings."

Sounds like the very work I'm committed to! Very exciting. I read this and feel expansion and love. I hope you'll enjoy reading what else has to offer.

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mama p said...

This looks great, Clea-- a fine resource for when I start to *worry a wee bit too much*. Thanks for passing it along!