Monday, May 18, 2009

Little Farms Can Change the World: Leah Gauthier's Sharecropping Project

I read about artist Leah Gauthier's Sharecropper project in the September/October 2008 issue of Natural Home Magazine, and went to check out her site. What a fantastically cool idea!!

From her site:

"Sharecropper, is a micro farming installation, by Artist, Leah Gauthier happening in New York City, summer of 2009.

"I am stitching together a working micro farm, (total size yet to be determined) for one growing season, from parcels of donated land or growing spaces, located in assorted environments in each of the five borroughs around the city. Possible sites include, private residences, office buildings, schools, small business, non-profits, hospitals, galleries, museums, community gardens, government facilities, and vacant lots. Working under a traditional sharecropper agreement, rent will be paid with a portion of my harvest, and the balance shared with local soup kitchens."

This is EXACTLY the kind of project that can reshape the way we live on the planet.

Check out her site and blog at to be inspired!

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