Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Beltane from the Danaan Suburban Homestead

It's actually overcast here in Denver metro, which makes me the Pacific NW girl rather happy. I've been loving the warm spring days interspersed with rain (rain!) and cool. Perfect. The garden is doing well, and in a few weeks our chicks will go outside. In my garden so far I have spinach, carrots, lettuces, peas, garlic, and chard. I also have a whole garden-worth of seedlings here in the office under florescent lights ready for the Mother's Day planting. We're also excited to get the chicks out around then as well - maybe earlier. One is ready (she has all her feathers), but the others are a week younger. And... the coop isn't finished yet! We built most of it out of free scrap wood from a friend, and purchased $150 worth of additional lumber and hardware. Can't buy a coop for that.

I also learned recently that my intuition was right: I'm gestating a baby boy! Our daughter will have a little brother this fall. We have his first name picked out and are working on the middle name. Right now for the middle name I like Colum, which means Dove (I think that might be his animal guide, as we were gifted with two dozen lovely mourning dove feathers in the back yard - but not harmed dove!), and Loren, which means Laurel, a powerful magical herb offering protection and Sight.

The economy has affected us in funny ways that teach me about faith. We got our property assessment today, and our property lost $60k in value last year. To me this is a sign we need to stay put, build our wealth in other ways like our suburban homestead and a healthy family, and ride the waves of unfolding. All is well.

My Beltane Blessings to you and yours! I'd love to hear updates from my readers on how you are celebrating this May Day by living your life to the fullest.

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