Saturday, November 29, 2008

Snow! Peace and Healing

We have our first real snow, which is to say that it stayed past ten a.m. and more is to come. Just yesterday I was sitting outside in a light jacket enjoying the sun, and today we have snow. Such is life in Colorado, although it has been a strangely warm fall. Nice when the dryer is broken, but the whole climate change thing has me worried.

Snow feels like a respite from the craziness of life, however delusional that belief may be. Life has been a bit nutsy lately, with a broken car, phone and cable outages, broken dryer, and even a mistake by a representative at my school who informed me erroneously that my financial aid had been canceled. I found a black widow spider in the garage. My daughter is three and no longer takes naps. And Spirit has been calling me back to healing and Reiki. So the calm of a silent white snow feels like a balm.

This afternoon my husband took out daughter out Yule shopping at the mall, and I get to sit here, stare at the snow, and write. I'm working on a novel! A dream come true for me. So this snow represents a much-needed sense of peace and being on the right track.

How are you, dear readers, as we sit poised between Thanksgiving and Yule? Or for those of you not in the states, or not in the northern hemisphere, what does this time of year bring for you?

I wish you and yours peace and joy. Namaste.

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