Thursday, August 14, 2008

Global Warming, Reindeer Herders, and Past Lives

I just read a short article and slide show about how climate change is affecting reindeer habitat and traditional Sami way of life. The article leaves me sad, determined, and also strangely spooked. I am looking in a mirror and seeing a face from long long ago.

I realized several years ago that I am likely descendant from the Sami, the semi-nomadic peoples of Norway, Finland and Sweden. My grandmother on my father's side was full Norwegian, and though she died when I was a baby, I've always felt very connected to her. We look alike: dark hair, olive skin, brown eyes. Not your "typical" Scandinavian. When I saw a picture of contemporary Sami people, I knew they were my people, my grandmother's people. I have often been asked if I have Native American blood - I do not. But probably Native Scandinavian. I do not know for sure because I cannot trace my Norwegian ancestors much before emigration. The contemporary Lindemarks (the family name before they came to the states) have no record of my great-great-great grandparents. I think they must have been farmhands who took the name.

Then a year or so ago an astrologer told me my Sagittarius rising gave me "gypsy" leanings. It's true I have never lived in one place for more than four years. Ever. In each house, I tend the land, build a garden, trim the fruit trees, and then move on. Perhaps some of this comes from my nomadic blood.

Either in a past life or in my DNA (or both), I roamed the northern lands tending reindeer. Today I write to save the earth, to inspire people to live in integrity with the land, and the Sami way of life is threatened. I feel great loops of time and love and ancient wisdom.

We are all one as we journey to evolve on a sacred planet.

To read the article and see the photos, click here.

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