Thursday, July 3, 2008

Attuning to the Moon for Global Awakening

There is a movement to change our Gregorian calendar to a 13 month calendar, adding another month (some call it Sol) in the middle of summer. Each month (moon phase) would be 28 days, with 29 days in December and an extra day in December every 4 years. Jose Arguelles, author of The Mayan Factor, argues that the only way we humans can move into a new solar age in 2012 is to change the way we relate to time and the earth by adopting this 13 month calendar.

I'm a positivist. I would like to believe that this is not the only way, especially since adopting wind power (and other crucial technologies) is going slowly, let alone changing our calendar. But I do think Arguelles and other time researchers have a point: we need to align with the real patterns of the Sun, moon, seasons and our bodies.

One way we can do this is to attune to our menstrual cycles as months. Whenever your cycle begins, mark it in your heart as a New Inner Moon. Celebrate the new moonth by pouring some blood on the earth in thanks. You can add it to your compost, or water it down and pour it around your plants. This is, by the way, the only technique I have found that keeps squirrels out of my strawberries. I simply pour my blood out of my Keeper Moon Cup onto the mulch around the berries, and the squirrels stay away. Amazing!

If you have stopped bleeding, you can of course still attune to the moon as your months. Take some time each new or full moon to sit outside at night and drink in her light. Feel yourself sitting on a planet. Know that you are a part of a great cosmic unfolding. We are all one.

I have a very hard time keeping track of the day of the week. I even have to ask my husband what year it is from time to time. Part of this is due to my being a mom and a right brained type person. But also perhaps I am slipping from the non-natural structures of the Gregorian calendar. I am moving into more natural time. I am tracking my moon blood and the moon, following the Sun as It moves along on its yearly travels, and I am feeling the rhythms of the earth deep beneath my feet.

May you walk in peace and great awakening. Aho.


Green Womyn said...

I loved this post.

Danielle (your Brazilian reader).

CleaDanaan said...

Thanks Danielle!! And thank you for reading. ;)