Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Path of Awakening: Identity and Power

A huge part of the path to awakening and spiritual fulfillment, not to mention everyday happiness, is about understanding our identities and the faces we put on. Our mask can be one of power, shame, fear, beauty... and noticing how our face changes as we move through life can be an important vision of self awareness.

The Beltane issue of Matrifocus,, includes an article of mine called "Facing My Power: The Queen Mask." Check it out and pass it on. Let me know what thoughts come up as you read it.

Happy Beltane!


pagaian said...

Dear Clea
I made it in here (to google blog) ... can't think why I found it difficult before!?

Anyway I posted a topic with the title of this article of yours ... so good. Ritual has been so important in my journey ... I would be really lost without it. It is such a joy to read of your experience with this. The topic on my forum is


mama p said...

"The strength of being simply myself scared me."
--so true. I love how you worded this in your article.

I too have a mask and it still surprises me to look at it, to see just what came out of that moment with my blank-canvas self. It's such an amazing way to really meet yourself, aspects of yourself that otherwise would get swept by the way, "oh, I can't be that!" Oh, yes you are!

Green Womyn said...

Dear Clea, here´s Danielle, your reader from Brazil. I loved the article, even more because I did a workshop about ritual masks here in my country last Sunday!