Thursday, January 31, 2008

Here Stands a Woman of Power

A poem I wrote years ago circulated the internet for a while. I thought I would post it here, attached to its original author, me! It was originally published under my maiden name.


Here stands a woman of Power.

She stands with her chest held high and her heart open to the world, for she knows she has the power and strength to handle what crosses her path.

She stands with her feet faced forward, resting solidly on the earth, allowing energy to flow smoothly along her aligned bones.

Her steps resonate gently, and she feels the earth when she walks, for her connection with the earth gives her power.

Her hips sway gently with each step, carrying her power in a basket of strength, for she owns her power as the holder of Life. She rejoices in her sexual power, allowing it to simply be.

She breathes deeply into her abdomen, relishing in her breath, the power of Life. Her organs rejoice as her lungs pull Life deep into her core.

Her neck, shoulders, and chest rest open and relaxed, as her arms swing freely, bringing her creations into the world.

Her face is relaxed and aware as her jaw sits restfully, for she lives truly in this moment.

As she breathes into her very core, living in this moment, standing tall, she knows Herself. She knows that she is a woman of Power, and she allows this to be so.

For she decided to no longer accept certain things.

That she should have a flat belly that fits into the tiniest of jeans.

That she should hide her sexuality and sensuality, that these powers are a threat.

That her breasts are too big, small, pointy, bouncy… and should be hidden and protected by the slouch of her chest.

That broad shoulders look too masculine.

That she looks more attractive with her legs turned out unnaturally.

That she should not ever show anger, but always be nice and quiet.

That the world is a place of pain and suffering, and the best way to feel safe is to make sure that nothing bad will go wrong – to worry.

That she is weak and cannot take what life gives her.

She knows these things are not true.

She knows that her Power sits in her body, the Temple of Herself. She honors this Temple in many ways.

She caresses her body with love each day, lathering a luscious lotion on her precious skin.

She sings to herself, her loved ones, the earth, in her voice powerful and clear.

She takes time to run, dance, and stretch her beautiful body, and does so with joy.

She gives thanks to the beings that nourish her.

She lets herself create her world by dreaming, painting, gardening, loving, birthing.

She fills her world with colors that feel good.

She fills her heart with laughter, and lets it spill over into the world.

She spends time in Nature, learning Her ways and letting Her balm slip over her body and soul.

She gives thanks to the water that she drinks, knowing that what she takes in is holy. She fills her Temple with cleansing, nourishing holy water.

And each day when she rises, she says, “Here stands a woman of Power!”

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